Police and Fire Department
  • For all Emergencies ............................... call 911
  • Police / Non-emergency ............................ 222-2050
  • Report Forest Fires ............................... 582-2100
  • Montana Highway Patrol ...................... 1-800-525-5555
  • Park County Sheriff ............................... 222-2050
Other Emergency Services
  • Poison Control Center ............................. 525-5042
  • Livingston Memorial Hospital ...................... 222-3541
  • American Red Cross ................................ 587-4611
  • Humane Society Of Park County ..................... 222-2111
  • Park County Emergency Services .................... 222-4190
  • Road and Weather Conditions ..................1-800-226-7623
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    Summit Academy

    Summit-Academy Logo-NoWebAddy
    One West End Road
    Livingston, Montana 59047
    Phone: 406-823-9155
    Email: Bob Brown, Administrator
    Website: Summit Christian Academy

    Summit Christian Academy is a K-12 private christian school located in Livingston, Montana dedicated to giving students the best Christian-based classical education available taught
    by believers who are serious about educating kids.

    St. Mary’s Catholic School

    511 South F Street
    Livingston, Montana 59047
    Principal: Nicole Kirschten

    St. Mary’s School is dedicated to the total education of each student in a Catholic environment rich in the love and philosophy of Jesus Christ. Our academic program strives to develop responsible students who possess personal confidence, academic mastery, and the moral religious fiber to attain success in life.

    LivingstonACE Adult Community Education

    John Gregory
    Adult Education Director
    132 South B Street
    Livingston MT 59047

    Helping adults in Livingston and beyond discover and enrich their passions and professions.

    Arrowhead School

    (406) 333-4359
    1489 East River Road
    Pray, Montana 59065

    Email: Jan Cahill, Superintendent
    Website: Arrowhead Elementary
    Contact Info: Contact Information

    School Board: Arrowhead Board of Trustees

    Ryan Malone (Chairman) 333-4492
    Tina Poncin 333-4758
    Pete Reed 333-4063
    Rob Scott 823-9848
    LEAH SHANNON (Head Teacher) 333-4359

    Pine Creek School

    There will be no 2015 School Board Election.

    2575 East River Road
    Livingston, Montana 59047
    Phone: 406-222-0059
    Michelle McCathy, Principal
    Website: Pine Creek School

    Gardiner School System

    Gardiner School Logo

    510 Stone Street address
    Gardiner, Montana 59030
    Phone: 406-848-7563
    Fax: 406-848-9489
    Email: J T Stroder, Superintendent
    Email: Mike Baer, Principal
    Email: Tamara Cunningham, District Clerk
    Website: Gardiner Public Schools
    School Board: Gardiner Board of Trustees

    Posted: 04/07/2015

    Posted: 02/11/2015

    Posted: 02/05/2015
    2.5 Newsletter
    2015 Baseball Packet
    Mental Health First Aid 2/13/15

    Posted: 01/29/2015
    Strategic Planning

    The School Board has identified three areas based on the strategic plan that they would like to create committees to formulate recommendations for each initiative. If you would like to serve on one of these committees or feel like you may be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to work on one of these committees please let me know. We would like to have two parents/community members, two students, and a SME to serve on each committee in addition to two staff members and a board member. Committees are as follows:
    •Facilities Committee- will be responsible for considering the needs, wants and preferences of our school and our community, developing a plan that prioritizes our facility needs.
    •Technology Committee – will be responsible for continuously researching and exploring innovative ways to enhance the programs and services we provide to students, developing a plan that prioritizes our technology needs, reviews our strategic objectives on an ongoing basis and makes knowledge-based recommendations to the Board.
    •Communication Committee – will identify strategies to carry out our communication initiatives identified in the Strategic Plan.

    In addition, there will be an Academic Program Committee who will review our academic programs to ensure that current course offerings are meeting the needs of our students. The School Improvement Team will serve as this committee but if you are interested please let Mike Baer know in case there are openings on this committee.

    You can reach me at jtstroder@gardiner.org or 406-224-7323 if you have any questions.

    Thank You,

    JT Stroder
    Gardiner School District

    Posted: 01/28/2015
    Bruin Booster Club 2015

    Posted: 12/13/2014
    The school board officially adopted the Strategic Plan last night for long and short term planning for the school district. There was over a year’s worth of work that went into the plan and we would like to thank all who participated. You can access the plan here:
    Strategic Plan

    B.A. Winans Elementary (K-2)

    1015 West Clark Street
    Livingston, Montana 59047
    Phone: 406.222.0192
    Email: Luke Shelton, Principal
    Website: Winans Elementary School

    Sleeping Giant Middle School (6-8)

    img src=”http://livingstonmontana.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/sgms-300×58.png” alt=”sgms” width=”150″ height=”58″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-1730″ />
    300 View Vista Drive
    Livingston, Montana 59047
    Fax: 406.222.3512
    Email: Lisa Rosberg, Principal
    Website: Sleeping Giant Middle School

    Park High School (9-12)

    PHS Front
    102 View Vista Drive
    Livingston, Montana 59047
    Phone: 406.222-0448
    Fax: 406.222-9404
    Email: Lynne Scalia, Principal
    Website: Park High School Website

    Livingston School District Administration

    There will be No 2015 School Board Election.
    Three board seats were open for election. We received two candidates:
    Dalen Purkett and Tom Shellenberg. The trustee election scheduled for May 5th was canceled and Dalen and Tom are elected by Acclimation. Tom and Dalen will be seated at the May 12th Regular Board Meeting. They both will serve three year terms.
    The board will appoint a trustee to fill the third seat for one year. The seat will be up for election for a two year term in 2016.

    132 South B Street
    Livingston, Montana 59047
    Phone: 406-222-0861
    Email: Rich Moore, Superintendent
    Email: Ellen Conley, Business Director
    Email: Jenny Stringer, Superintendent’s Secretary
    Email: Sherri Via, Payroll Clerk
    Website: Livingston School District 4 & 1

    School Board: Livingston School District Board of Trustees